PSE index still on red territory but Financials, Industrial and Services on green territory. Net foreign outflows of -620 million as per Philstocks.

What is the right strategy?

Stay on the sideline. As per our prediction it will touch below 7000 level, Elliot experts showing many possible scenarios as 7200 is an easy support to break then possible touching at 6800 level in the following weeks.

What stocks to watch?

For long term and value investing :  FGEN and MAXs.

Our 3 tips about value investing, the way Warren Buffet thinks about stock;

First, Think of Stocks as a Business. Many investors and traders think that stocks is a paper asset that can be traded any time to prevent the emotional stress. Warren Buffet advises that investors should think that owning a stock of a company is like being a part owner of the business. You should know the running of operations and plans of management.

Second, Diversification. Do not put all your eggs on one basket. This does n’t mean to invest every stocks listed on the market. Make a handful of investments and those you can monitor easily. Do not overdiversify but diversify and simplify.

Third, Develop alternative measurement aside from shares price. If the fundamentals are solid and the stock shares price keeps going down, there is no need to panic or exit, it’s only the noise of the market that pushing the price ups and downs.

“Together We Can Achieve Financial Freedom”.